Our Executive Team (The Istari)

The 2015/2016 Istari

Corinne Barnett, President
Kira Gordon, Vice President
Tristan Fair, Secretary
Jesse Lempriere, Treasurer
Sofia Parrila & Brynn Lewis, Event Co-coordinators
Ariel Petra & Matthew Acton, Marketing Co-Coordinators
Rick VanManen, Faculty Adviser

The Last Alliance Istari Alumni

Our Mission

The Last Alliance wishes to promote the works and legacy of J.R.R. Tolkien on campus and beyond. We hope to educate and enlighten members as to not only the unique genius of Tolkien, but as to literature and the arts in general. We wish to encourage stimulating discussion and facilitate a platform for academic debate, as well as provide a friendly atmosphere for safe socialization. The Tolkien Society lends a unique, literary and fantastical flavour to the student groups on campus, and is indeed one of few of its kind nationally. Our purpose is manifold: we wish to meet and associate with others interested in Tolkien, and to learn more about the author, his written works, and his sources through discussion, guest lecturers, and academically-oriented activities; we wish to provide a friendly atmosphere for literary-flavoured socialization at the University of Alberta; we wish to educate members about the works of J.R.R. Tolkien; and we wish to promote Tolkien-related academic discourse and encourage literacy in the community through volunteering activities. We also hope to encourage Tolkien-inspired “sub-creation” amongst our member base through hosting of artistic sharing events and through the publication of an annual Journal comprised of member-composed essays, stories, poetry, sheet music, and artwork. Lastly, we aim to form lasting bonds between our members in true keeping with Tolkien’s ideals of friendship and collaboration.