In addition to the book study discussions we have on Tolkien’s works, we also encourage you, our members, to extend your exploration of the reading material further to other endeavours, using your varied and wonderful talents to produce works of Sub-Creation.

In the past, we have held weekly (and, as always, optional) challenges to go along with that week’s chapters, but we found that with the pressures of school and midterms and busy weeks, we often had instances where members wished to participate but simply didn’t have ample time to complete projects.

This term, we are continuing with monthly prompts instead, which will hopefully inspire you to create something new in your free time (these include writing, poetry, and visual arts challenges). We’d love to include as many submissions into the Journal as possible, so feel free to submit any or all of the below challenges. They will be ‘judged’ monthly for the prize of the ONE RING OF POWER (omg… what?) (though the act of Sub-Creation and the presentation in the Journal are also wonderful prizes, so all submissions are winners in our eyes!).

Any other Sub-Creation you undertake in the school year are also more than welcome for submission into the Journal – the more unique entries we can present, the better!

This term’s challenges are listed below:

Winter Term 2017 – The Return of the King

Book 5: Chapters I, II, III, & IV

  • Draw a comic strip based on something funny in the book or discussion.
  • Write up your favourite character/monster/species using a character or monster sheet from your favourite tabletop RPG (e.g. create a D&D/Pathfinder/etc. character sheet for Frodo/another hero with customized powers and effects, or create monster stats using the information you know about the Witch-King/Shelob/etc.) – bonus if you roll the stats!
  • Draw your favourite characters as inhabitants of the 21st century.
  • Write a script for a tour guide giving a tour of Minas Tirith. Sensationalism is encouraged.
  • Write some exceptionally manly cheers… err.. Warcries for the different eoreds during the Muster of Rohan.
  • Draw a city plan of Minas Tirith.
  • Come up with passwords for the Gates of Minas Tirith.
  • Devise some invention for food to be carried efficiently throughout the levels of Minas Tirith without using the gates.
  • Write a battle plan for the Siege of Gondor from the perspective of the Dark Host.
  • Write a poem about the Pukel Men.
  • What could Faramir do to earn Denethor’s love?