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Fall Term 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies: December 17th

The Last Alliance is off on a long expected journey to attend a midnight screening of the final Hobbit movie by Peter Jackson. In days of old the Last Alliance has been known to arrive dressed in every bit of Middle-Earth-appropriate clothing or costume you own. So practise your Elvish, Entish, or Orc. Polish your sword and string your bow. Patch that cloak and for Iluvatar’s sake grab some money and a pocket handkerchief and join us!

The movie will take place on December 17th at 7:20PM at the Scotiabank theatre in West Edmonton Mall.

We will be posing for many group photos on the stage the floor below the theatre. There is a chance for games, songs, Tolkien trivia, and any other type of fun imaginable. We hope to see you there!

The Father Christmas Letters: December 6th

After classes are over, we will be meeting on Saturday December 6th from 5-10pm to reprise an old favorite event – our annual Father Christmas Letters celebration! We will be holding this at the Newman Centre (below St. Joseph’s college, so it will be on campus).

This year, the Purpose of the Father Christmas Letters (or rather, three Purposes) will be the sharing of food at our potluck dinner, the exchanging of gifts in our Mathoms gift exchange, and (of course) the reading of The Father Christmas Letters.

Start thinking about what you may like to cook/bring and, if you so choose, what Mathom you may present – we ask that, if you participate in the gift exchange, it be a Mathom (something you have at home you have little or no use for anymore and wish to give away) or a small gift for under $5.

We will also encourage you to bring your own mug to the Christmas celebration in the interest of saving dishes and making less garbage!

Gathering of Clouds: November 21st

Our main Fall Term party (A Gathering of Clouds) is coming up next month. This is our end-of-term celebration of sub-creation, in which you, our lovely members, get to showcase your talents and creativity. The night features of creative presentations, and also presents a great opportunity to get to know other TLA members with food and fellowship (and is a great place to showcase that Tolkien-themed costume you’ve been working on, if you so desire!). Be sure to bring $5 along if you’d like to chip in for pizza.

If you wish to present something, please contact Cara with a brief description of your presentation and an estimate of how long it will be so I can put together the program for the evening.
These submissions can be almost anything – in the past, we have had everything from musical presentations (original compositions and covers) and dramatic readings (of original works, works by Tolkien, and works outside of Tolkien) to presentations of fine art and Warhammer pieces. Sub-creation can take so many forms, so don’t be afraid to submit a presentation, whatever it may be!

Games Night: November 7th

It’s time to dust off those Tolkien-themed board games (again!). Join us for an evening of fun and friendly competition as we face off in some intense games of Lord of the Rings RISK, Monopoly and more! Be sure to bring your favourites (Tolkien-themed and not!) so we have lots of games to choose from! We will be meeting in the Heritage Lounge on November 7th from 6–10PM. Please bring $5 to chip in for pizza dinner if you will be eating. Hope to see you there!

Reminder: we rely on you, our most gracious members, to supply the board games for these games nights. If you have any games you want to play (non-LotR versions welcome) please bring them with you for the evening!

Trick or TrEAT for the Campus Food Bank: October 31st

Join us this Hallowe’en as we help out the Campus Food Bank once again! The Campus Food Bank has opened registration for Trick or trEATing this year. Last year, we had a blast (and even won a prize for Best Costumes!). We are hoping to send more groups this time around, so please let us know if you’re interested! Alex will do all of the registration, so all you have to do is send us a quick email with your name, phone number, and email address (or use the sign up sheet at book study) and the rest will be taken care of. Trick or trEATing starts at 6pm on Hallowe’en. Can’t wait to see all of the wonderful costumes!

Games Night: October 23rd

It’s time to dust off those Tolkien-themed board games! Join us for an evening of fun and friendly competition as we face off in some intense games of Lord of the Rings RISK, Monopoly and more! Be sure to bring your favorites (Tolkien-themed and not!) so we have lots of games to choose from! We will be meeting in the Heritage Lounge on October 23rd from 5–10PM. Please bring $5 to chip in for pizza dinner if you will be eating. Hope to see you there!

Second Breakfast: October 10th

Join us on the morning of Friday, October 10th for a Hobbit-approved meal! We will be selling breakfast sandwiches in QUAD for our Fall term fundraiser!

If you’d like to help out you can do so by volunteering your time and cooking skills (watch the club email for the Doodle poll), helping to put up posters, or (of course) by coming to buy a breakfast sandwich for your Second Breakfast!

The Second Annual Hobbit Hike for Literacy: September 20th

The Second Annual Hobbit Hike for Literacy is a charity walking/camping/being-a-hobbit adventure weekend where we get sponsored to partake in the overnight event and the money raised goes towards a literacy charity.

Welcome Back Party: September 12th

A chance to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones after the Summer break, this event will take place in the Heritage Lounge of Athabasca Hall from 4-6PM.

Book Study

Book Study resumes on September 8th from 12-2PM at Athabasca Hall.