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Winter Term 2015

The Voyage of the Last Alliance – April 10’th

Executive/Elections/Moot/Constitution & FRhodes Scholarship
Our Moot and Year-End party will likely be held on April 10th 4-10pm we are still working out some booking kinks.

Please refer to the previously sent email about elections and constitutional amendments. If you did not receive such an email or require a refresher, let me know and I’ll forward it along! Nominate yourselves or others you think would be great on the executive of TLA in the coming year!
We are also happy to be presenting the FRhodes Scholarship again this year! The deadline for applications and nominations will be March 31 at midnight. From one of our founding members Mitch: “This is the announcement of the “[Second] Scholarship of the Last Alliance”! Feel free to nominate yourself or someone else for this award which will be given out at the year-end party in April. Applications should be sent in to lastallianceuofa@gmail.com and include a short statement about the suitability of the nominee and any relevant coursework in Tolkien-esque subjects, although any member of the club is eligible. The funding is care of the “FRhrodes Trust”, so we will be naming TLA’s [second] “FRhrodes Scholar”!” (see attached document from last year’s scholarship presentation)
Note: We still are looking for nominations for the FRhodes Scholarship and many executive positions!

If you’d like to present at our term-end party, send me a note! This can be anything – music, original writing, poetry, visual art, anything that you have made or done and would like to share! This will happen after the Moot in April. We still need lots of presentations for this!

The Inklings: A Creative Writing Session – March 26th

The Inklings were a group formed by J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and their friends, where they would get together to share their writing and get feedback from each other. We want to embody Tolkien and his friends by getting students who love to write together to discuss writing, do creative writing activities, and (if you so wish) to share what you’re working on and get some feedback.

This event is open to anyone who wishes to work on their writing in a fun, inclusive, group setting. We find our writing- and literature-based events are especially good for students who love to write but don’t get a chance to in their academic fields (think the Physics students who love to write fantasy not lab reports, or the History student who’d rather write fan-fic but only has time to write history papers). We want to give all students with a love for writing a chance to take time out of their busy schedules to work on something fun and not necessarily school-related.

This event will be held in ECHA L1-150 from 6:00pm-7:30pm.

Lembas Bread Bake Sale – March 25th

Our annual Lembas Bread Bake Sale will be Wednesday March 25 9-4 in the Tory Atrium. If you would like to help man the table, watch in the next week for a Doodle poll for volunteers. If you’d like to help bake, we will be doing so at Rick’s house on March 24 at 6pm. Let us know if you’d like to join (it’s always a lot of fun, and we will be watching the Return of the King this year!).

If you would like to bring your own baking, you will be able to drop that off between 830 and 9am on March 25 (and please provide an ingredients list!).

Reading at Schools – March 23rd

Next Monday is our second venture for Reading at Schools – we will be lecturing to three classes at Grandin School on the morning of Monday, March 23 (915-10am, 1030-1110am, and 1110-1150am).

March Games Night – March 18th

Our next games night will be Wednesday March 18, 6-10pm in the Heritage Lounge. Bring games and $5 for pizza and come spend an evening playing board games with us!

Springtime in Valinor – March 13th

Our Spring event, Springtime in Valinor, will be Thursday March 13, 5-10pm. Come partake in an epic cross-campus scavenger hunt and paint eggses with us afterwards! Bring $5 if you want to chip in for pizza.

Guest Lecture Series: (February)1501272_916432458402159_7607038819081094561_o

This month brings us back to our ever-awesome Guest Lecture series! We are excited to be co-hosting three lectures this February with the Catholic Students Association.
Dr. Jefferson Smith – February 5th at 6pm in the Heritage Lounge of Athabasca Hall

Dr. Jefferson Smith (fantasy author and father to one of our lovely events coordinators, Brinna) discussing Fantasy and World-Building.

Dr. Gerard McLarney – Feb 11th at 7pm in CAB 239

Dr. Gerard McLarney will be talking with us about Freedom, Good and Evil in the Ainulindalë.

Dr. Van Deusen – Feb 24th at 6pm in CAB 239

Come out to hear her lecture, Beyond Gandalf: Odinnic Elements in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

Games Night: February 12

At this point, I think you guys know the drill: bring games, bring money for pizza, we’ll have a great time! We’ve booked the Heritage Lounge for the evening of Thursday, Feb 12th from 6–10PM so come hang out and join us in fellowship and fun before Reading week!

A Knife in the Dark Murder Mystery: January 23rd

This month, we are debuting a brand new event! Rick and Alex are already hard at work planning our Tolkien-themed Murder Mystery, which will be on the evening of Friday, January 23rd starting at 6 PM.
This is an RSVP-only event as all of the characters have to be planned and assigned ahead of time – so if this is of interest to you, make sure you clear that evening now! RSVP’s via Facebook and email will go out in the near future so you can let us know then if you wish to participate.

Welcome Party: January 8th

The Last Alliance will be holding a welcome (back) party Thursday, Jan. 8th from 4-7 PM in the Heritage Lounge of Athabasca Hall. This is an informal get-together where you will be able to meet the executives and fellow members and prospective members in a more casual setting.
There will be snacks and ice-breaker games, but there will also be lots of time devoted to mingling and getting to know one another. Drop by any time between 4 and 7 to say hello, reconnect with old friends after the break, and make new friends at the start of a new term!