Henneth Annûn

At the end of every school year, we release a new edition of Henneth Annûn, the annual Journal of The Last Alliance: University of Alberta Tolkien Society.
This is a member-composed collection of Sub-Creation: a compilation of essays, sheet music, drawings, journal entries, stories, letters, and all other artistic and academic pursuits that express the creative spirit of the group and provides a platform for creative gifts – which may otherwise be languishing under academic stresses – to burst forth from under Saruman’s enchantment, if you will.

We ask members to participate in challenges that relate to our book studies (in the past, we have held both weekly and monthly challenges) to submit for the Journal. Any other endeavours you undertake in the school year are also more than welcome for submission into the Journal – the more unique entries we can present, the better!

Entries can be submitted in person to the President (currently Corinne Barnett) or emailed to lastallianceuofa@gmail.com.

The journal can be downloaded here.

An excerpt from the Letter from the Editor:

If I may quote Frodo: “the Quest is achieved and now all is over”…by which I mean of course that the 2014-15 Journal of The Last Alliance is done, and my official last duty as former President is complete.

Though I am not at all suggesting that the Journal was at all as arduous a Quest as that of the Fellowship! It was a much merrier time (more akin to a Hobbit’s ideal adventure), as I got to spend my summer poring over submissions. Getting to look at the beautiful artwork and photos, reading your poems, essays, and stories, and your talents and wit was truly a blessing. I am beyond impressed with the marvellous creations you all came up with – I seriously got shivers every time I’d reread a poem to proof it, or stared at a photo to ensure it was cropped properly. I can’t even put to words how talented and wonderful you all are, and I sincerely hope you recognize and use your many gifts, always.