The Third Annual Hobbit Hike for Literacy

"The world is indeed full of peril..."

"...and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater." - J.R.R. Tolkien

Fall Term 2015 Book Study

This Fall Term 2015 we will be studying The Children of Húrin.

The Voyage of the Last Alliance (Winter 2015)


Edmonton Expo Panel (Fall 2015)

September 26, 2015


The Third Annual Hobbit Hike for Literacy (Fall 2015)

September 19, 2015


FRhodes Scholarship (Winter 2015)

April 10, 2015


The Voyage of The Last Alliance: Moot and Year-End Party (Winter 2015)

April 10, 2015

famlit1In 2014 we held our Second Annual Hobbit Hike for Literacy, the charity walking/camping/being-a-hobbit adventure weekend! We managed to raise a (rather unexpected) sum of $1634.00 for the Centre for Family Literacy!

Children of Hurin Book StudyCurrent Book Study: The Children of Húrin

FRhodes Scholarship Plaque thumbThe Last Alliance’s FRhodes Scholarship

Awarded to a member of The Last Alliance who has achieved high academic standing in combination with demonstrated commitment and contribution to the University of Alberta’a Tolkien Society.

student-group-of-the-year-badge 2013 Student Group of the Year

Glaurung currently holds the Dragon-helm.